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Turquoise-blue water, hammock ...
the soul dangle ....
... Khao Lak out
the point of view of locals
Khaolak | Ausflüge | Sehenswürdigkeiten | Rollertouren | Nationalparks


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On land and on water:
All four national parks
Khao Lak tips - sights, beaches


Khao Lak is one of the most popular holiday regions in Thailand and something of an insider tip for many Thailand holidaymakers. Because Khao Lak not only offers more than 20 km long fine sandy beaches surrounded by impressive nature and national parks, Khao Lak is not yet overrun by mass tourism. However, there are over 150 restaurants to choose from.


Beaches, stretches of beach in Khao Lak


Khao Lak (sometimes also spelled Kao Lak or Khaolak) is actually a 20 km long region between Ranong and Phuket, which consists of several beach sections and places.

Arrival in Khao Lak


Khao Lak is located about 65 km north of Phuket Airport. The transfer time by taxi is about 1 hour.


Best time to go to Khao Lak


In general, the instructions for the best travel time for Thailand apply even more to Khao Lak. Because outside the high season from November to April, the sea is often not suitable for swimming. There are also no crossings to the popular diving islands Similan and Surin Islands.

The perfect beach holiday is definitely possible in Khao Lak, however primarily from November / December to March / April. It is most pleasantly “coolest” from December to February.

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