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Nightlife in Bang Niang


Live music is played in some bars.

The best known and oldest, the Degree Bar, is very popular with Thais who like to listen to pure Thai music and sing along to every syllable. Here the Thais let themselves go, the pure joie de vivre paired with a lot of alcohol. Tourists are welcome, but beware, you can hardly avoid dancing. The bar is located between Bang Niang Market and Moo Moo Cabaret on the same side of the street.

On the Bang Niang Road in the direction of the beach, after 300m, you will find the Gecko Bar on the left. Since about 2011, the bar has built up a regular audience, especially among young guests. Pool, table football, a relaxed barefoot atmosphere and a loving owner (Lynn) is the recipe.

Around the traffic light junction from the main road in the direction of the beach there are a few bars where women hope to make new "friends". The Starbar, Violett Bar, Red Bar and Tha Bar should be mentioned here. The prices here are higher than in the town of Lam Kaem, which is in front of the mountain, with the same offer.

Only about 250m from the beach you come to the Piranha Bar which has existed for many years and is run by Mr. Pak.

Bars at the market

More and more small bars are appearing at the market, which are mostly open on market days (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday).

These are popular as "Men's Parking" because the ladies can take their time to examine the market items on offer and to stock up, and the unloaded men can watch the passing people without being disturbed while enjoying a cool beer!

At the brand entrance is the Am's Bar where you can best see who is entering and leaving the market.

On the left aisle in the market is the Mr. Chay Bar, which is run by a Thai couple and visited by many Germans on market days. Jo's Bar can be found in the center aisle of the market - it's unbelievable how warmly Iu and Jo interact with customers.

The well-known Song's Bar is far less frequented than in the earlier market days.

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