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Khao Lak: Phang-Nga Bucht bei Khaolak

Three tours

On your own

The Kapong tour
(112 km without detour)
Khao Lak: Kapong Roller Tour in Khaolak.
Khao Lak: Phang-Nga Roller Tour in Khaolak.

From Khao Lak you drive south on the H4 (15.5 km) to the large junction to the left towards Thung Maphrao.
After just 1.1 km (16.6 km), a country road branches off to the left to Ban Na Noi.
After 3 km you can see the workshop on the right in the village, where the bamboo furniture that is found in many resorts is manufactured.
After 1.6 km (21.2 km), turn left onto the cross street. On this narrow, asphalted village road 4003 you drive through extraordinarily beautiful, rural areas. Almost no traffic goes through Ban Chang Non (27.3 km) and over a small mountain route (33 km) to H4090 (34.9 km), where you turn left again.

After another 6 km (40.9 km), a new asphalt road branches off to the right.

Optional turn-off: To "Lumru Waterfall 5 km". After 4.5 km (45.4 km) the sign "Lumru Waterfall 800 m" points to the right into a narrow gravel / concrete road. From the parking lot you walk 2 minutes past the reservoir to the nice but by no means spectacular Lamru waterfall.

After 7 km (48 km) on the asphalt road branching off from the H4090 you come to another crossroad.

To the right, after 3 km, the concrete road ends at the Hin Lad waterfall, which consists of rapids and pools, where the village youth have fun with swimming tires (15 baht pp).

Follow the narrow road (H4175) for 5 km to Kapong (53 km), where a large market takes place on Sunday morning (left in the side street).
Passing Wat Kapong with a chedi you drive to the northern end of the village, where after a total of 54.5 km the signs "Park Weep Waterfall 3 km" and "Hotsprings 8 km" turn the good road north.

If you drive this detour, after 11.4 km you can see the junction to the Naresuan Temple (Wat Narai Nikayaram) on the right, where some old Indian statues are located in new buildings.
(1.8 km further you reach the road H401 at KM130.8. It leads to the right to Surat Thani and to the left to Takua Pa.)

If you turn right from the northern end of Kapong onto the yellow road and after 4.7 km turn right again directly at the market onto the new 4.4 km long road, it goes right there 500 m down to the hot springs on the right at Gush out the riverbed very hot and combine with the cold river water after 100 m. There you can take a bath in the mixed water.

If you continue straight ahead at the end of Kapong (54.5 km), you will find the H4090 after 1.1 km (55.6 km) and turn right (signs "Takua Pa 32 km", "Ranong 163 km ".
After 9.2 km (64.8 km), turn left onto the H4032 (signs "Takua Pa 16 km", "Khao Lak 49 km").
After just 1.6 km you can see the beautiful village temple Wat Kuan Niyom in the village of Ban Tamtua on the right, which is well worth a stop, especially since you also have a beautiful view of the wide valley.
The new connecting road to Pakweep branches off 5.2 km further (71.6 km).

Optional turn off to Old Takuapa:

The Chinese temple is interesting (300 m further left).
Behind the bridge begins the quaint, old town of Talad Takua Pa (also: Old Takua Pa), which is best explored on foot. The cityscape is very Chinese thanks to the old arcade houses. Every second to third year in September, the city center is flooded up to a meter high for a few days. The building fabric suffers from this, but the houses still exude a certain morbid charm.
A historic street market takes place here every Sunday afternoon.
It is well worth strolling through and trying some unusual snacks.

Back to Pakweep Street (71.6 km). It is a scenic treat.
It leads 23.2 km through green forests and plantations to the west to the H4 (KM 71.8). Now it is only 11.8 km back to Khao Lak. A total of 106.6 km.

On the way: A Big Buddha statue worth seeing.

Above: Partial video of the Phang-Nga tour by scooter
The Phang Nga tour:
(140km left)

H4 - Thung Maphrao (18.3 km) - H4240 - KM 9.3: Sitting Buddha statue under the big Bo-tree (Ban Nikom) - Junction Ban Buk Pui (33.3 km) - H4090 - Junction H4 (47 , 4 km) - H4 - KM 43.9 (51.2 km): junction to Sa Nang Manora Forest Park (4 km, recommendation: walk) - Tham San Rock Art - H4311 - Borsaen Villa (breathtaking view from the hotel terrace ) - Thap Put - H4118 - Wat Bang Riang - H4118 - Thap Put - H4 - Magnificent mountain route - junction H4090 - junction H4240 - Thung Maphrao - H4 - Khao Lak

The Thai Mueang Tour:
(94 km below)

H4 - Thung Maphrao (18.3 km) - H4240 - Ban Klang - Bo Dan - 3110 - Thung Don - Bang Thong - H4 - Khok Kloi - Hotspring Beach Resort - Thai Mueang - Hat Thai Muaeng National Park - Thai Mueang. Optional detour on the return tour: H4 - Lampi Waterfall - Khao Lak.

Khao Lak: Thai Mueang Roller Tour in Khaolak.
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