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Khao Lak

Tattoo Khao Lak, Thailand, Maori Stil

Price - types - quality

Tattooing is one of the things that are significantly cheaper in Khao Lak than in Germany. The two stitching techniques "Machine" and "Bamboo" are carried out hygienically, the quality of the artists, otherwise you cannot call them, is impressive. We have never seen a bad tattoo and all known clients of all tattoo artists in Khao Lak have always been satisfied.

Khao Lak: Tattoo Thailand Tätowieren in Khaolak.

The most popular tattoo artists according to the survey in a large German Facebook group

number 1

CT Bamboo Tattoo Khao Lak.

No. 2

Rong Bamboo Tattoo Khao Lak

We also saw great bamboo tattoos in Khao Lak from Sila Tattoo (elephant individually drawn and then engraved) and Thai Smile Tattoo (all photos on this page except the elephant above).

Are also known to be of good quality

Jack Tattoo, Namo Bamboo Tattoo, Noon Tattoo, Tops Tattoo, Maori Studio.


Yes, depending on the K r ö per region is tattooing, more or less, but partly also very painful.

The Bamboo tattoo technique is obviously less painful than the mechanical technique. The tattooist always takes fresh bamboo needles and taps them into the skin.


The color of the Bamboo Tattoo is blacker than that of the machine.

To bathe:

In the case of Thai bamboo tattoo artists, the fresh tattoo is covered with a fresh holding film. After 1-2 days you can usually bathe again without the film.

Khao Lak: Tattoo Thailand Tätowieren in Khaolak.
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