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On your own - Khao Sok National Park

Drive to Khao Sok National Park

4 km behind Takua Pa the H401 (KM 145.5) branches off to the right towards Surat Thani (156 km). The road initially leads along the edge of the wide Takua Pa valley and then swings into the hilly country in elegant curves. Beyond the pass at KM 107 there is a wonderful landscape of overgrown limestone cliffs. At KM 109.1 a road leads to the left (2 km) to the 646 km2 rainforest national park. Many travelers make this stop between the coasts, because only with Khao Sok can they spend the night in pleasant, even romantic guest houses, the evergreen monsoon forest right outside the door. The park is by no means overcrowded - only a few thousand tourists visit it every year; Entry 200 baht, car 20 baht.

The nature lover can expect dense jungle, small, rather mediocre waterfalls, beautiful hiking trails along streams and a nature trail.

Khao Lak: Khao Sok National Park Rafflesia in Khaolak.
Khao Lak: Khao Sok National Park Elefant in Khaolak.

Many rare mammals, including elephants, some tigers, leopards, Asiatic black bears, Gaur and Serow, live in the forests of the park and can only be stalked by jungle treks lasting several days. With a little luck, lizards, gibbons, wild boars, flying squirrels, squirrels, otters and hornbills are easier to see.

In 2011, the first indications were given that the Rafflesia should also exist in the province of Phang Nga. We now know of 6 places in the province of Phang Nga where Rafflesia actually thrives, as evidenced by photos.

Just a few years ago, a few specimens of Rafflesia (Rafflesia kerrii meijer, in Thai Buah Puht), a parasitic plant that grows on the roots of a species of liana, were not found near the entrance.

The plate-shaped, five-part, brick red and white pied flower with a diameter of 80 cm is one of the largest single flowers on earth.

It blooms in June / July at the beginning of the rainy season, according to other sources, from September to December, according to locals.

Some even say that it can be seen all year round. Anyone interested in this plant can inquire in the guest houses, as the flowering occurs in several places outside the park.

The beautiful palm tree Kerridoxia Elegans (also Langkow palm tree) is another attraction for botanists. Those who would like to drive down the river in an inflated car hose have the best option after the rainy season.

You can easily explore the jungle in this park along the main trails on your own. If you don't dare to do it alone, you can hire a knowledgeable guide from one of the guest houses.
During the wet season from May to December, the park is only worthwhile for people who don't mind the many leeches (in Thai Tahk) or who are helped by one of the home remedies, such as tobacco juice or tiger balm. Against ticks (in Thai Hep) that affect warm-blooded animals from January to April, it helps to put your trouser legs in your socks and use a repellent. It can get very cold at night. The stinking but delicious Durian ripen in the area from June to August.

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