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Hotel standard

in Khao Lak

Khao Lak: Pool View in Khaolak
Die Hotels und Bungalows in Khao Lak haben im Vergleich zu anderen Zielgebieten einen ausgezeichnet hohen Standard in Khaolak.

The hotels and bungalows in Khao Lak are of an exceptionally high standard compared to other destinations.


The reason: Many old plants were destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. All facilities near the beach were only rebuilt or newly built in the following years.

The last of these was the former Hotel Royal Bangsak, now under the name Manathai.


An important building regulation states that no hotel can be built higher than a palm tree, and so luckily you won't find high-rise buildings in Khao Lak.


Another great luck for Khao Lak is the expanse, because the beach from Phuket stretches hardly to

40 km north to Takua Pa. Plenty of space - there will be no crowds like Phuket, Samui or even Pattaya in the coming decades.

Khao Lak: Surfen in Khaolak.
Khao Lak: Junge Leute am Stand in Khaolak.
Roller fahren in Khao lak

Khao Lak nationalities

In principle, every nationality is represented in Khao Lak, but a strict room contingent policy in the large hotels ensures that tourists from Russia, the Arab countries and China are only represented to a very limited extent in Khao Lak.


If you follow the babble of voices in metropolitan areas such as markets or supermarkets, Khao Lak is a stronghold of the German language with around 65%. This also includes a disproportionate proportion of Swiss and Austrian citizens in relation to the size of the country.

Scandinavians are also well represented, especially in the expensive high season. French and English are about the same size groups. Australians visit Khao Lak almost exclusively in German summer time, i.e. in the off-season in Khao Lak.


Overall, a very friendly, peaceful community!

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