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Rent a scooter

Khao Lak: Roller mieten Khaolak.

One of the topics about which there are very controversial views is the scooter or, as you say, driving a scooter or motor bike. All three terms describe a 125cc motorcycle and mean the same thing.

Khao Lak: Roller mieten in Khaolak.

Arrived at the hotel, almost all tour guides strongly advise against renting such a motorbike with the help of state accident statistics.

Nevertheless, hundreds of these 125cc tourist-rented vehicles drive across the streets in Khao Lak every day.

In fact, we also advise every beginner without driving experience to rent a scooter. The reason is the often wrong action in the case of a critical situation, eg pulling the accelerator and brake at the same time.

The left traffic is not a problem in the unanimous opinion, because you got used to it after 20 minutes. You drive very far to the left on the hard shoulder - which acts as your own motor bike lane - which virtually reduces the tendency to pull to the right to zero, especially since the cars on the right also pull past you.

On the other hand, the accident statistics mentioned by the tour guides (something like that also exists in Germany) refer to nationwide in all cases.

It is mainly Young Thais who have an accident.

Mostly in other areas like Phuket,

Samui, Pattaya Chiang

Raioder Bangkok. There

there is a multiple of traffic compared to Khao Lak.

Khao Lak: Roller mieten in Khaolak

"The feeling of freedom and independence from a group" and "You can save a lot of money on trips and taxis" are the two most common reasons for renting a scooter.

Video above: Explanation of the functions of the Honda Click 125cc and driver tips.

5 Star Motor Bike Rental Khao Lak (95% excellent from over 1,000 reviews on Tripadvisor) only recommends experienced riders to rent a scooter.

With more than 4,500 rentals, their internal statistics show no single accident with serious injuries or even one death. To drive safely, you should observe four important rules in local left-hand traffic:

1. Do not drive faster than 50-55 km / h - the scooters drive max. 100km / h which is much too fast if two road users make a mistake at the same time

2. Keep your thumb on the horn - the Thais cut into the driveways from the left, dogs and tourists may run into the street.

3. When turning from the left, leave a safety distance of at least 3m from the turning vehicles. Watch the wheels of the cars waiting to turn for movement.

4. When turning right, do not thread into the middle of the road but stay left - the middle is dangerous because the solid line is also ignored by the Thais in front of the hill or before the curve.


Unfortunately these rules are ignored by the Thais. They often drive far too quickly, without a helmet, without a license and without the most important traffic knowledge, with outdated brakes and tires or especially drunk on holidays. In fact, this leads to sad statistics, which the tour guides call.

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