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Khao Lak: Linien Busse in Khaolak.


Simple scheduled buses run approximately every hour in both directions to Phuket and Takua Pa. They will stop at all stops if requested (give a hand signal).

Air-conditioned buses (blue) only stop if they still have seats available or are pre-booked. Pre-booking is advisable when traveling to Surat Thani or Bangkok, reliably carried out by the travel agencies.
From Khao Lak there is a minibus twice a day to Phuket and Patong for 800 baht per person.


private taxis

If you would like to explore the Khao Lak area on your own with a chauffeur, you can hire a private driver.
We can recommend Miss Jiab +66 98 343 3475. She speaks good English and drives unobtrusively to wherever the guests want. She does not offer tours.
If you like having a driver who also acts as a guide, you are very well off with Keng: a knowledgeable young man with an official guide license who can show you a lot and explain a lot about Thailand, which of course costs a little more.
Book Gaeng and Ya exclusively online:

rental vehicles

If you're looking to rent a vehicle, you need to know that in Thailand you drive on the left, there are certain traffic rules, but the unwritten rules are often more important. Buses, trucks, water buffalo and pigs always have the right of way, chickens and dogs are ignored by Thai drivers. You should never expect other road users to behave in a traffic-friendly manner.

Before renting a vehicle, check the tires, brakes, horn, lights and turn signals.

Only rent a motorcycle if you have previous driving experience and insist on a helmet. Wear it, it is mandatory in Thailand and can save your life. The liability insurance, if there is any, only covers personal injury up to a maximum of 50,000 baht. Never drive drunk unless you intend to try Thai surgery yourself or end your life in Thailand.

There are international rental car companies along the main road from Khao Lak and Bang Niang.

Some private individuals charge less rent when booking their only vehicle. It goes without saying that this is risky due to insurance.

Driving license: In Germany, ask for the international driver's license of the 1926 agreement !! Only this applies in Thailand, which has insurance-related consequences. The 1968 agreement was never confirmed by Thailand.

The safest option is to drive a rental vehicle that offers first-class insurance.
The "best" car insurance among Thais is AIG (American International Group), for example AirportCarRent at Phuket Airport and used by NDC Car Rent in Khao Lak. The Thai licensees of the international companies (e.g. Hertz, Sixt, AVIS, Budget) work together with other insurance companies. They do not necessarily take over the claims processing and settlement completely, which can have very unpleasant consequences for the person who caused the accident.

Khao Lak: Mietwagen in Khaolak.

Playing golf at Khao Lak

There has been a beautiful 9-hole golf course near Khao Lak since 2018, which will be expanded to 18. The course is on the road from Beyond Resort to Alt Takuapa.

World class is the Kata Thong golf course on the way from Khao Lak to the provincial capital Phang-Nga. The distance is about 40 km.

The 9-hole Navi golf course in Thap Lamu is less good.

Playing tennis in Khao Lak
The most central is on Nang Thong Beach the Centara Seaview Resort , which has 2 tennis courts.
La Flora has a tennis court on Bang Niang Beach, JWMarriott on Khuk Khak Beach, Takolaburi Cultural Resort & Spa on Pakarang Beach and Merlin Resort on Khao Lak South Beach.

Bathing with elephants and elephant rides near Khao Lak

Several elephant camps near Khao Lak offer elephant rides through plantations and jungles. Children in particular are very impressed by the experience. Very steep stretches can not be safe for small children and can spoil the fun considerably.
Most tourists will need 30 to 60 minutes on the back of their pachyderms.

Bathing with elephants, which almost all camps also offer on site, has become much more popular among tourists.

Budget has a branch in Khao Lak at the Bang Niang gas station. Budget allows you to return the car to all other branches in Thailand for a rental period of several days or more. You have to pay by credit card and you can take out additional insurance, which also covers the deductible of max. 10,000 baht.


Oh yes: anyone driving in and out of Khao Lak Center has to expect occasional police checks. Motorcycle riders usually need a helmet and a national driving license. Theoretically, you need an international driving license. Drivers should have an International FS and wear their seatbelt. The fine for pretty much everything is 500 THB (around 12 EUR).

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