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Some typical Thai dishes

Khao Lak: Essen Masaman in Khaolak.
Khao Lak: Essen Meeresfrüchte in Khaolak.
Khao Lak: Essen Tom Yam Gung in Khaolak.


Thai curries are available in Khao Lak in all restaurants and at lunchtime near the highway at some restaurants of the locals in large metal pots with lids (it can be hatched to look at!).

They are available in different degrees of severity:

Gaeng Garih: A relatively mild Indian curry with boiled potatoes.

Gaeng Masaman : A yellow, spicy variant, mostly with boiled potatoes.

Gaeng Khiau Wan : The not too spicy, green curry; in some restaurants it is moderated excellently for tourists.

Gaeng Paet: A very hot, red curry; If a tourist orders Gaeng Paet Pla, if he is looked at in disbelief, if he is still enjoying the fish, he will gain admiration.

Many Thais eat late in the morning - also because it is very cheap at 30 baht - Khanom Chin: As the name suggests, it comes from China. On an outdoor dining table there are many different side dishes such as dried fish, cucumber, pickles, banana flowers, raw and pickled bean sprouts, which guests can use as they please to garnish the pasta on their plate. Only a boiled egg as a side dish has to be paid extra (approx. 10 baht).

What is the favorite dish of many Thais?

Som Tam: A salad of unripe papayas, honey, vinegar, grated peanuts, tomatoes, red chillies (only order ONE or NONE!) And dried crabs, a piece of cabbage is served with green leaves to peel off (caution!). It goes well with a piece of grilled chicken breast.

Khao Niao: Sticky rice (sticky rice) is particularly common in the north in the country. In Khao Lak you can only get it at chicken grill street stalls, sometimes motorcycles with sidecars, and at the market. Kao Niao is also served with Som Tam (see below).

For lunch in Khao Lak you are never wrong with:

Phat Thai: (pronounced Padd Tai) fried rice noodles with tofu, vegetables, egg and peanuts - a very popular, delicious dish (approx. 50 baht).

Tom Yam Gung: The particularly spicy, sour and spicy Thai soup with shrimps, lemongrass, lemon leaves, chilies, tamarind, ginger slices and other ingredients, all of which must not be eaten! Also popular as Tom Yam Gai (with chicken) or Tom Yam Thale (with fish and seafood).

But what do Thais eat for breakfast apart from Khanom Chin?

Khao Lak: Essen Phat Thai in Khaolak.

Khao Tom: A tasty rice soup with meat inlay, especially chicken, pork and crab, i.e. Kao Tom Gai (chicken), Khao Tom Muh (pork) and Kao Tom Gung (shrimp). You can get Kao Tom in the restaurant to the right of the coffee bar near the post office in Bang Niang until about 10:30 a.m.

Dim Sum: A typical Chinese breakfast, lots of small bowls with steamed treats. You only pay for what you have eaten. The restaurant on the river on the left is known for this shortly before the turn to the JW Marriott.

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