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The Khao Lak bush drum

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Trend setter:

Valhalla is a boutique cafe and teahouse with breathtaking views of Khao Lak, one of Thailand's most incredible surf, dive and nature-loving destinations. The menu includes luxurious cakes, croissants and coffee freshly imported from neighboring provinces, locally made Italian gelato, the highest quality coffee, matcha from Japan, delicious New York-designed kombucha, and a wide range of handcrafted blacks, greens, fruit and herbal teas from New Zealand.
There are also Valhalla Villa's, bungalows with the same view.

Wellness & Restaurant:

The La Flora Group opens the La Vita Sana Khao Lak in time for the main season 23/24. A top noch Wellness Spa, Restaurant & Coffee Shop. It is right next to the Andaman Medical Hub.

Hotel Eden Beach Lobby

Surfing, the new trend:

Memories Beach

Beginners and advanced surfers meet there when the sea waves are strong from April to December.

Rental boards 200 THB for min 2 hours.

This is where the surfer scene meets in the water and in the beach bars.

Taonga Beach Club

Beach Club with surf wave machine plus pool, bar/restaurant, for children, adults and families to chill out!


New hotels in Khao Lak:

  • The Little Shore Khao Lak by Katathani (bookable from April 2024)​

  • Khao Lak Marriott Beach Resort & Spa (bookable from around June 2024)

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