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Holiday weather

Vacation weather Khao Lak

Nobody can predict what the Khao Lak weather will be like during your vacation in Khao Lak:

But we know exactly what the weather has been like in Khao Lak over the past 5 years.
It could be that your vacation weather will be similar to last year. Or not ?!

A weather forecast for Khao Lak is actually available from all weather services. However, only one for the coming hours is quite reliable, namely the hourly forecast on .

On many weather apps you often see "Rain / Thunderstrom" for days or heavy rain in the forecast. But what does that mean? Nothing at all, because these formulations only mean that it will probably rain heavily at least once a day. Then there is a black cloud on the WetterApp and you think that it rains for days. But it definitely doesn't do it 10 months a year. There is usually a heavy shower in the evening for about 30 minutes, the air is cleaned and afterwards everything is much fresher.

Khao Lak: Urlaubswetter in Khaolak.

Here are some pers ö PERSONAL experience!


Main season NOV-MAR



The rainy season is over, but there can be periods of 7-10 days during which it can rain for 30-60 minutes, usually from 3 p.m. In December and January it can get very cool (24 degrees) after a rain in the evening. During the day about 30 degrees.



Very stable, lots of sun, the temperatures rise to 32 degrees.



It is getting hotter, from March 20 you can expect the rainy season to begin. Evening thunderstorms are the companions of the reversal of air and sea-Str regulations.

Low season APR-JUL

During the day from 10 a.m. mostly sunny, in April to mid-June with 34-35 degrees very warm and muggy but sunny. This is hardly noticeable at the pool and by the sea in the shade, just as little if you have a room with air conditioning. Walks in the sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. should be avoided. In the evening then cooling off by the almost daily evening showers of 30-60 minutes, which starts earlier and with increasing season and increases in length. Duration of rain mostly at night, which can drag into the early morning. From mid-June, the temperatures drop back to 33 degrees and the muggy slackens. It will stay that way until mid-August.

Khao Lak: Urlaubswetter in Khaolak.

Low season AUG-OCT

Rainy from mid-August until 10 a.m., the temperature is 33 degrees.

Use the "sun hole" for sunbathing and excursions from approx. 10 a.m. to approx. 3:30 p.m. After that there is often continuous rain, often all night long.

From approx. October 20, the wind and sea currents turn again and there are sunny days with much less rain than before. Again the flow changes are the basis for strong thunderstorms.

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