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White sand


Khao Lak: White Sand Beach in Khaolak.

The most popular stretch of beach is White Sand Beach. The sand here is really almost white and very fine, the water is turquoise blue. Unfortunately, the palms are missing to the dream scenery. Restaurants shaded by cassowaries take care of your physical well-being.

Ao Thong Beach is a section of White Sand Beach, look for the blue umbrellas. To the right of this is another section, the Smile Beach.


Coconut Beach

Khao Lak: Coconut Beach in Khaolak.
There are some restaurants at the Coconut Beach in Khao Lak.

The Coconut Beach right next to the well-known White Sand Beach comes up with the same colors, but is more original and lined with palm trees. The perfect holiday picture is created here.

Well-known and lesser-known restaurants offer deckchairs to guests - here you can find a little hidden idyll.

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