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Mode of Transport

in Khao Lak

Khao Lak: Taxi Pickup in Khaolak.

Pickups and taxis

If you get into a taxi = pickup with metal body !!! , this route costs from Bang Niang to Nang Thong for max. 2 people together 150 baht fixed price. You can go to any destination.
In Central Khao Lak these taxis are located south and north of the Nang Thong Supermarket, in Bang Niang at Taxi Point on the big Bang Niang market. There is also a large official price list (photo left).

Khao Lak: Taxi Preise in Khaolak.

On the other hand, if you climb into a Songthaeo = pickup with a wooden body !!! , the trip costs for example 30 baht per person from Bang Niang to Nang Thong during the day. You can only drive along the main road and into the villages, but not to the beaches.

The disadvantage: they only drive us often in the morning, hardly during the day.

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