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White Sand Beach & Coconut Beach

Khao Lak White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach: The whitest and finest beach with the shimmering green-blue water that can be found all over the area. Somewhat commercial with a restaurant and beach chairs, but also showers and toilets under conifer cassowaries. The best place is on the towel on the right near the rocks about 500m away. Unfortunately there are no palm trees on the entire beach.

Coconut Beach: Coconut Beach, located 500 m to the left of White Sand Beach, is just as fine and white. The difference: The coconut palms here create a magnificent postcard panorama. Coconut Beach is a dream beach in world class format and for us undeniably the number one of the beaches in Khao Lak. If you are looking for beach chairs, you have to get up early because the few beach chairs are usually occupied from 9:30 a.m. The Boatyard Bar has food & drinks and a toilet. The entrance to Coconut Beach is inconspicuous with just a small sign on the left of the Hotel Kantary.

Khao Lak White Sand Beach
Khao Lak Coconut Beach

The bay at White Sand Beach and Coconut Beach is protected north of the Pakarang peak and therefore also offers protection from the waves from the southwest and the dangerous downforce in the water during the rainy season. If you want to swim somewhere in the sea from May to October, you should do it here. However, we advise caution and never do this alone. A second person must stay on the beach and watch the swimmer all the time to get help if necessary. From November to April there is no danger because there is no outflow (suction).

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