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Nang Thong Beach

On the beach of Khao Lak you can meet walkers especially in the morning and evening. It is more for hiking than sunbathing because there are better beaches around Khao Lak with fewer rocks in the water. Nevertheless, you can swim safely here. Trees provide shade and invite you to relax.

In the approx. 1 km long and approx. 500 m wide flat land behind the beach, there is an uninhabited strip of green in the partly sloping land. Shortly before Bang Niang, a river, the Klong Bang Niang, the two places and a reed area are home to many birds and many other animals, certainly one or the other snake. The best way to get to this area from the main road is to turn towards the beach at the intersection at Takua Pa Restaurant. This is also the access by scooter to the shade trees on the beach.

The place Bang La On with the beach Nang Thong is today called Khao Lak Center. Numerous shops, a few bars and 100-150 restaurants can be found on the 2-3 km long street. It is increasingly developing into a promenade, where you can also find the most famous tattoo studios.

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