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Khuek Khak Beach

Khao Lak Khuek Khak Beach

Khuek Khak Beach is divided into two parts, the southern one at Hotel The Haven and the northern one at Hotel JW Marriott. It falls flat into the water, is completely clean and is also ideal for children to swim in. The sand is light and fine, but not quite as white and fine as that on Coconut Beach. The Khuek Khak Beach is wider, especially in the northern part.

Beautiful and shady swimming spots can be found in the southern part of the Hotel Blue Lagoon, on the lagoon in the direction of Bang Niang - just drive straight to the end at The Haven - and in the northern part via the path on the right at the entrance to the JW Marriott.

Khao Lak Khuek Khak Beach
Khao Lak, Thailand, Bird of Paradise Flower

After Coconut / White Sand Beach, Khuek Khak Beach is one of the best in the Khao Lak region, not least because of the palm-lined backdrop with first-class bathing opportunities around the JW Marriott.

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