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Booking formalities only for Internet Booking Service IBS

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Khao Lak: Bungalow buchen in Khaolak

Booking a bungalow in Khao Lak is easy:

You click on the email button at the resort that interests you.
You write a normal e-mail in your usual e-mail program with your travel dates, your desired bungalow and the number of guests.
The IBS will find out whether the desired bungalow is available for your appointment.
The IBS will answer you by email and write you how the reservation will continue.
(Usually the IBS answers within 24 hours, guaranteed within 72 hours. If there is no answer in 3 days, the email unfortunately haunts the worldwide web.
Then we ask you to email us again.)
You email what you want to book: resort, date, desired bungalow, number of guests.
The IBS will email you the reservation confirmation with the details of the deposit (usually 30%) *.
You transfer the deposit to the IBS deposit account in Germany and notify us by email.
(For transfers from abroad: Please make sure that all costs are paid by you.
For understandable reasons, the IBS can unfortunately not assume any transfer costs.)
The IBS transfers your deposit to the resort a few days later and emails you the booking confirmation, which is considered a voucher in the resort.
From this point on, the IBS can of course no longer dispose of the amount you have paid.
In the event of a cancellation, the hands of the IBS are unfortunately tied and the IBS cannot pay you back (requests for reimbursement please contact the resort directly).
You can order the transfer from Phuket Airport to the resort from us on request.
This service is free. You pay directly to the taxi driver (currently 1600 Baht or 2000 Baht (3 or more people),
Night surcharge 500 baht).
You pay the remaining 70% when you move into the resort,
are happy how everything went well and enjoy your vacation in Khao Lak.

The IBS is NOT a tour operator, but books free rooms in some resorts for you OR establishes direct contact with the desired resort, where you can then book directly, OR in a few cases forwards your request to a travel agency that has better conditions for you offers.

We operate this unique, voluntary booking service for as long as we enjoy it and without any profit intention. It is intended to enable travelers to book bungalows that they cannot (or not as requested) book with commercial tour operators.

In recent years, our booking service has become particularly popular with families who need more than one room with an extra bed. The IBS knows every bungalow and every family room in Khao Lak and will be happy to advise you which ones are suitable for your family.
Even small groups of 3 or 4 people like to use our service, because the IBS can find and reserve suitable bungalows or rooms next to each other. We guarantee that these rooms will not be used for other purposes.
Due to the good relationships with the owners and managers of the resorts, the IBS sometimes finds vacant rooms even when everything seems fully booked.
For the premature termination of the accommodation contract after checking in, the rules of the respective accommodation company apply, which can be requested directly there. The IBS has no influence on this.

A little fine print:

* The IBS will never ask you to transfer another deposit or the balance to any account. If you receive such an email, please report immediately so that we can clarify the situation.
** In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel once, the deposit unfortunately expires. In justified exceptional cases, the resort was already ready to return the deposit so that the IBS could transfer it back after deducting a service fee of 40 euros. If you have taken out travel cancellation insurance, our voucher with the insurance will count as an invoice for the accommodation paid for.
Please do not book at IBS if you do not like the booking formalities.

Terms and Conditions (GTC):

The IBS only acts as an intermediary for all services provided by the IBSD.
The respective terms and conditions of the service provider mediated by us apply.

Notes on links:
Our external links are a subjective selection of references to other websites. The respective operators / authors are personally responsible and liable for the content of these pages. We clearly distance ourselves from any illegal, personality-violating, morally or ethically offensive content. Please inform us if one of our links refers to such an offer.

"Links" are always "living" (dynamic) references. When the link was made for the first time, the third-party content was checked to see whether it triggered possible civil or criminal liability. However, according to the TDG, the content provider is not obliged to constantly check the content to which he refers in his offer for changes that could newly establish responsibility. Only if he ascertains or is pointed out by others that a specific offer, to which he has provided a link, triggers civil or criminal liability, will he remove the reference to this offer, insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable for him.

The technical possibility and reasonableness is not influenced by the fact that even after the access from the "" homepage has been blocked, the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers.

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