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Sunset Beach

Khao Lak: Sunset Beach in Khaolak.

On the top of the mountain there is the "Chicken Temple", which the drivers greet with horns, a police station and the entrance to Lamru National Park. In the park there is a climbing path along the coast until you finally reach "Small Sandy Beach". You can reach this lonely beach more comfortably via the second entrance of the National Park.

The hotel and bungalow facilities are close together like a string of pearls. Only the bungalow complexes, which were partly built steeply into the mountain, have the jungle flair. Cicada singing at certain times should be accepted here as part of nature.

Khao Lak: Sunset Beach in Khaolak.

Sunset Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful in the immediate vicinity of Khao Lak Center, curved and pointed by large rocks, it resembles a film set with access to the jungle.

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